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How to play DotA-All stars

Well, Here is my DotA Guide for guy who never have played DotA. Well, DotA is an Warcraft III TFT Map which is not same as Warcraft 3 TFT. In DotA you have only 1 unit; Hero. (You will have more untis only if you summon them). But there is The Sentiel and The Scourge Forces. Which has Army of Creeps. At Start you and your Team start with some money and there in your base are Shops and Fontain, Fontain Recover your Health Points and Mana Points. (HP and MP(SP). You can be The Sentiel (Night Elf) or The Scourge (Undead).From Barracks The Sentiel or The Scouge summon Creeps every 30 secounds. But you can't move them. They go on their way. Creep's targets are Towers. On every side of Maps Every team has 3 Towers + 2 Towers in Base which protect The Frozen Throne (if is Scourge) or The World Tree (if is The Sentiel). Your Mission is to Destroy all towers and enemy's base. When you want to buy an items or recover your MP(SP) and HP you can back to your base at Fontain. (There are Shops too) Well, There are 5 recipe scroll shops and 3 Normal item Shops +1 extra shop with Potions for Recover, Tickets, etc. To get your items stronger; You may Fuse items from noramal Shop and get items from Recipe Shops. Like this:
So you need buy those 2 items to get item from Recipe Scroll shop 1 Recipe Scroll; Bracer. Gauntlets of Strengt + Circlet of Nobility = Bracer
150 Gold + 185 Gold + 175 Gold for recipe scroll  (Bracer) Total: 510 Gold.

About Skills; It's noramal as Normal Warcraft 3. Just Press on Skill to use. (Mmm, Later when you will become better player and you will can use hotkeys). Well, DotA is team game. People play 5vs5. On Start Go to some Lane (spot) and kill enemy Creeps to make money and get level up. Don't forget you can pwn enemy hero or enemy hero can pwn you! When you will die you will wait some time (How long is about your level) to revive. Later, you can lvl up and make money in woods. There are lot's of neutral creeps, but your ally creeps won't go to Forest only on their way to Destroy enemy's base. Don't Forget there are lot's of tricks about Creeps. But you on start try Farm normal.

For More Instructions You can Email me at RPG-KUNOK@hotmail.com
Click here to see Map on which i wrote some helps!
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