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First get Color Picker By CLICKING HERE. After you get Color Picker
pick color and you will get a code!   (i picked red so i have |cffFF0000)
Now YOU MUST MAKE NEW ACCOUNT! And in making username Paste this
code which u chosed. First letter must be before the code and another ones
after code! Watch Now: i|cffFF0000Noob = iNoob
You won't see your name in color but other people will!

Fast Colours:

Red: |cffFF0000
Blue 1: |cff0000FF
Blue 2: |cff0080FF
Blue 3: |cff00FFFF
Green 1: |cff008040
Green 2:|cffBAEF01
Green 3: |cff00FF00
Orange 1: |cffFF8040
Orange 2: |cffFFAE5E
Yellow: |cffFFFF00
Pink 1:|cffFF00FF
Pink 2: |cffFF80C0
Purple: |cff800080
Black: |cff000000
White: |cffFFFFFF

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