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Defense of The Ancients (DotA) Guide

Well, First do this:

Then Remember to do this:

http://forums.dota-allstars.com/html/forumicons/BTNBansheeMaster.gifOn Start Type -Di to see Creep killing infos

http://forums.dota-allstars.com/html/forumicons/BTNTimeStop.gifTo see enemy's level press -ma

http://forums.dota-allstars.com/html/forumicons/BTNPandarenBrewmaster.gifTo Check your move speed type -ms

http://forums.dota-allstars.com/html/forumicons/BTNSylvanusWindrunner.gifTo check who's afk type: -afk (Afk means Away from Keyboard) -wtf noob?-

http://forums.dota-allstars.com/html/forumicons/BTNAbility_Parry.gifWhen you gonna pwn Hero with more than 40% of HP and there
is Tower do not pwn him coz u will die.

http://forums.dota-allstars.com/html/forumicons/BTNHire.gifDon't Go to destroy enemy's tower without creeps! (if tower has 15%+ HP)

When your creeps has low HP kill them. Press "A" then
on that creep. (same as tower) -This option do that let enemy don't
get money.

When you running away from enemy hero..let him follow you to your friendly
heroes or gang. (gang or gank means Grup of Heroes)

At Low levels kill creeps when they have enought low HP for 1 Shot/hit.

Anti Str Or Tough Heros
° HEX  -    Disable The Skill and using Items-The Heros Armour Will Decrase to 0(well The Heros There wont Stats Any changes)-Deals Full Damage To The Heros Been HEX
Anti INT and INVISIBLE Heros !!
° Necronomicon 3
-    The Creeps From the Necronomicon 3 , Can See Invisuble and Burn Mana ..  -    Most important The Blue Creep !! Dun Try Killed the Blue Creep Coz it will Explode !! As the Result , u wil get      a 600hp Return Damage...
-   The Creeps From the book .... If u kill the Creeps you wil Get 100g Each...

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