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  • Unistal Warcraft 3.
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  • Instal Warcraft III The Frozen Throne
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  • Instal Patch 1.22
(If you dun have the CD, Try just Download this Patch 1.22 and instal it.)

Change log.

-Tank will use 4 food instead of 3 and will give +25xp
-flying machine flac cannon will cost 200g/175w instead of 100g/150w
-masonry resarch wont increase human tower Hp, but towers will have 600 basic HP
-Orb of fire splash damage changed: from +5 to 45% of hero's damage.

Night Elf
-Staff of preservation cost increased from 150 to 200, cooldown increased to 45sec
-chimaera will use 7 food instead of 5
-dryad will give +20% xp
-effect of orb of venom and dryads poison decreased to 50%

-spirit wolf HP will be 300/450/600 instead of 200/300/500
-speed scroll cannot be dispelled
-raider armor+1
-healing salves healing time decreased from 45sec to 25sec

-dk +3 agility
-all spell of casters will have reduced mana costs

and some non-confirmed changes:

-Archmage; Blizzard Mana cost increased to 85
-Bloodmage; Starting Agility Increased by 1
-Paladin; Divine Shield Duration Reduced to 12/24/36 Seconds from 15/30/45. The cooldown of this spell has also been decreased respectively
-Paladin; Devotion Aura also grants a 2/4/6% Chance to completely ignore damage on top of the Armor Bonus (This is introduced to make Devotion Aura used more often)
-Rifleman Hp Changed back to 525 Hp from 505
-Siege Engines no longer give experience for *buildings* they kill. This prevents a human player from literally 'creeping' off of a Night Elf base. Air units will still give EXP.
-Orb of Fire now also increases attack speed by 10%

-Blademaster; Agility lowered by 1 at starting level
-Tauren Chieftain; Shockwave is now capped at 8 units of full damage (down from 12)
-Tauren Chieftain; Starting Strength and Intelligence increased by 1
-Farseer; Wolves now have about 15% extra life per level with Mana cost increased to 90
-Raider ensare now creates a Cooldown on the unit its cast called 'Careful Footing'. This cooldown lasts for 4 seconds after the ensnare wears off to prevent spamming.
-Spirit walkers are now completely immune to magic (including magic attack dmg) *ONLY* when in physical form. This change will actually make orcs be able to fight mass casters efficiently
-Orc shop now has a new item. Wand of Desperation (Tier 3, 100 gold). It has an AoE Dispel effect and has only 1 charge. It deals 400 Damage to Summoned units

-Dread Lord; Carrion Swarm Mana Cost reduced to 100 from 110.
-Dread Lord; Vampiric Aura now has a 2%/4%/6% to cause 100% Life Leech by level(100% heal based off of melee dmg not full life heal) on
a melee attack
-Acolytes have a new passive ability called "Citadel Ritual". Whenever an acolyte is repairing a building it gains a temporary bonus +1 to armor. This is a cumulutive effect for each acolyte repairing and can stack up to 3 times. This can be very effective on meat wagons when sieging or when trying to save an undead gold mine.
-Ghoul Frenzy now also increases ghoul Life Regeneration by .5 and grants Ghouls a 5% Life Leech (Stacks with Vampiric Aura)
-Obsidian Statue build time increased to 60 from 45. Destroyer Form upgrade lowers Obsidian statue build time back to 45.
-Ziggurats (Non-upgraded) now have 2 armor up from 1.
-Necropolis Build time reduced to 105 from 120.

Night Elf:
-Keeper of the Grove; Thorns Aura now has a 2/4%/6% chance to stun any melee unit for 1 second when attacking by level
-Demon Hunter; Base Agility lowered by 1.
-Archers can now mount Hippogryphs without the upgrade, its a base ability.
-Glaive Thrower build time reduced to 45 seconds from 48.
-Chimaera build time reduced to 60 seconds from 65.
-Dryad Cost changed to 165/65 Gold/wood from 145/60.
-Druid of the Claw build time increased to 45 Seconds up from 35. Adept and Master DOC training reduces build time by 5 seconds each. Setting it back to 35 second build time after both trainings have been researched.
-Faerie Dragon Cost Reduced to 145 Gold from 155.
-Orb of Venom Lowered to 80 damage over 10 seconds.

-Alchemist; Acid bomb now slows units per level by speeds of 5%/10%/15% per level
-Alchemist; Healing wave now only heals enemy units by 50% while healing allied units by 100%
-Dark Ranger; All units that are Charmed now have a buff on them called "Charmed". You may on them called "Charmed". You may only have a maximum of 4 units charmed at a time. If you exceed that limit the lowest food costing charmed unit will become "Neutral Hostile" or a "Creep" and will attack you. If all the charmed units are the same food cost then it will judge by gold, and then wood. And if they
are all the same it will be randomly selected. Charmed units no longer add to your food supply cost as the Ranger feeds her minions herself.
-Firelord; Incinerate Mana cost reduced to 4 from 6.
-Firelord; Incinerate has a 10/15/20% Chance to cost Zero mana per level
-Naga; Mana shield grants spell immunity while active. (All magic attack units will be able to damage her still)
-Panda; Breath of Fire capped at 6 units for instant damage. However any unit that has haze will be ignited if hit by the fire even if it doesnt take the initial damage.
-Pitlord; Cleave now also increases Strength by 2/5/8 per Level
-Tinker; Cluster Rockets are no longer considered a magical attack. It is considered a siege attack so they are effected by armor and does extra and reduced damage accordingly. This should make this skill more viable vs. casters or to siege a base.
-Tinker; Cluster Rocket Damage increased to 40/80/120 by level.

-If creeps are chasing a target for more than 5 seconds they will automatically switch to another target if they do not land a successful blow. Also if they cannot hit a target for more than 5 seconds they gain a Temporary True sight ability also to prevent abuse.
-Creeps will attack nearby critters if the above is true and there are no other units than critters to attack. They have to take their anger out on something.
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